Privacy Policy

Customer’s personal information is restricted to be shared with any external organizations except on some circumstances such as fulfilling customer’s order. All data will be collected through online. Website can be freely browsed without the need of personal information. We emphasize on private and confidentiality; therefore, all the personal information presented by customers will only be restricted for company use.
本公司非常重视客户之隐私与个人资料的保护,其资料将严禁与任何外部组织共享, 除了在某些特殊情况下,如满足客户订单资料的需求。所有的资料将由通过网络蒐集并进行处理或利用。客户亦得选择不提供个人资料以浏览网站。此外,客户提供的所有资料将只限于本公司使用。

Used of Personal information:
1. Information such as delivery address or contact numbers will be needed for delivery purposes.
2. For the verification of payments.
3. Update of promotions, news or purchase details.
4. For marketing research purposes.

1. 个人资料如送货地址与联系号码将用于递送目的。
2. 用于支付的验证。
3. 用于更新最新促销信息,消息或订单的详细资料。
4. 用于市场营销研究的目的。

Update of customer’s personal data:
Members reserve the right to access their membership accounts and modify their information if necessary. Your information will be kept in private and confidential.

Changes to the privacy policy:
Privacy statement may be amended as the company deems fit, where any changes will be announced on our website.